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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Believers in Temples Take to Coffins to Wish for 2018 Luck

BANGKOK — Believers Monday flocked to Buddhist temples in hopes of being reborn into a new and better life – by lying inside a coffin on New Year day.

School Shooting VR: US Army’s New Survival-Horror Game

ORLANDO, Florida — The shooter rapidly fires through the front doors of an elementary school with an assault rifle and blasts his way down the hallway.

Of Snakes, Potent Sperm and Billionaire Babes: 2017’s Celeb Nicknames Revealed

BANGKOK — While holding truth to power and scandal are supposed to be priorities of the press, it’s the celebrity gossip of who’s-sleeping-with-whom that makes for the biggest headlines.

1 Million Thai Teens Suffer From Depression: Official

BANGKOK — Thailand may be known as the “Land of Smiles” but an estimated 1 million teenagers suffer clinical depression, many of whom are going untreated, said the nation’s chief mental health official Boonruang Trairuangworawat on Friday.

Thai Christians Celebrate Christmas with Lights, Parades

BANGKOK — Communities with significant Christian Thai populations celebrated the advent of Christmas by holding parades and lighting up their churches Saturday.

Watch Watch: Seven Bling Timepieces and Counting

BANGKOK — The daily drip-drop, tick-tock revelations about a top junta official’s collection of spendy watches continues with a sixth and seventh timepiece spotted.

Thai Princess Saves Christmas With Amazing Dance Videos

BANGKOK — Princess Ubolratana wished people a Merry Christmas this week in a widely hailed, viral videos one must see to believe.

SHINee Fans Hold Memorial For K-Pop Star in Bangkok (Video)

BANGKOK — More than 1,000 devoted fans of a K-pop idol who committed suicide earlier this week held Buddhist mourning rites for him Thursday night at a Bangkok temple.

Vitas Thanks Thai Fans for Cover of ‘Weird Russian Song’

BANGKOK — Vitas, the singer known for his strange noughties-era Russian song thanked Thai fans for paying tribute to his wonderful weirdness.

Thailand Takes Chill Pill As People Bundle Up

KORAT — It was the sixth day of cool temperatures Thursday and Moy Kemtong, 70, huddled around a fire with her friends while bragging about how many blankets she used last night.

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