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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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'Ong Bak' meets The Matrix. Original image: Sahamongkol Film International

Govt to Build ‘Cyber Warrior’ Army to Monitor Netizens

BANGKOK — The government Thursday said it will build an army of “cyber warriors” to step up internet surveillance.

No Mama Drama: Hangry Man Rages at Empty Noodles, Stomach

BANGKOK — It’s sad when three cups of Mama spell dinner, but sadder when all three lack noodles.

Caravaggio Exhibit Ignites Baroque Bangkok Drama

BANGKOK — Drama worthy of the looming chiaroscuro images themselves has erupted between the art critics who’ve turned their noses up at a digital exhibition of an Italian Renaissance master and the unilluminated folks who find it inspiring.

Princess Ubolratana Goes Full Pop to Fan Faves (Video)

BANGKOK — When a Thai princess went threw a concert over the weekend, she dispensed with traditional fare and went straight for the hearts of today’s audience.
Photo: Thailand Superhero Fan Club / Facebook

Avengers Villain in Buddha Mural Debated

SUPHAN BURI — Netizens Sunday were amused and bemused by a Buddha mural in a temple in central Thailand bearing an unexpected twist.

Avengers-Themed Comic Parodies Thai Politics

BANGKOK — “Hear me, and rejoice. You have been blessed with the presence of the prime minister.”

Police Explain ‘Stormtrooper Suspect’

NAKHON SI THAMMARAT — Is this solo Stormtrooper under arrest a next-level marketing for the next Star Wars spin-off movies?
'I, Robot.' Original image: 20th Century Fox

Twitter Vague on Action as Bot Army Idles

BANGKOK — Twitter says it is monitoring reports of a surge in suspected bot accounts as users say they are continuing to get bogus followers for a yet unknown purpose.

Divine Penis Anthill Erupts With Lottery Mojo For Yasothon

YASOTHORN — Luck-seekers flocked to pray for lucky lottery numbers Monday from an anthill shaped like a divine penis in Yasothon province.
'I, Robot.' Original image: 20th Century Fox

Someone’s Building a Twitter Bot Army in Thailand

BANGKOK — In ones and twos they trickle in by the minute, new followers with Thai-sounding names in the familiar rhythm of social media. But then it gets weird.

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