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Friday, July 21, 2017

Fans Cheer After Hints Bruno Mars Could Return to Bangkok

BANGKOK — Music fans cheered, some looked at their empty pockets in bittersweet pain, as hints surfaced that yet another acclaimed American artist could be returning to Bangkok next year.

Freshman Forced to Sing, Slap Self Until Bruised in Uni Hazing Ritual

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — A student at a Korat university was forced to slap her thighs and shins to singing and chanting all day, resulting in wounds that her sister reported to an anti-hazing Facebook page Wednesday and went viral Thursday.

Music Video Parodies Junta, Compares to Demanding Relationship (Photos)

BANGKOK — If the junta can compose songs, so can the people. Thursday saw the release of an indie music video that took a surprising jab at the National Council for Peace and Order, or NCPO, by comparing the unelected government to an overbearing relationship.

Teacher Candidates Demand English Requirements Be Reduced

BANGKOK — An internet discussion about teacher candidates calling for lower English-language requirements sparked arguments over their necessity on social media this week. Taking over...

Viral Video Shows School Kids Dragging Director’s Car Uphill

MAE HONG SON — A clip of students dragging a teacher’s truck up a muddy mountainside in northern Thailand went viral Thursday on the Thai internet.

Govt Backtracks From Weak Basis for Threatening Facebook, Again

BANGKOK — Telecommunications regulators said Wednesday they decided to drop an ultimatum given to top foreign online platforms after finding flaws in their own...

Reform Committee Floats Registering Facebook with ID No.

BANGKOK — Members of the junta-appointed reform committee said Tuesday that social media users need stricter identity verification methods to deter them from using it inappropriately.

Junta Romanticized in ‘Love Missions’ Military Drama

BANGKOK — A military-themed romantic soap opera premiered Saturday, inaugurating three months of the television show, which a mass media expert said is an attempt by the military government to rebrand itself and regain public popularity.

Cop Who Hugged Knife-Wielding Man in Viral Video Speaks Out

BANGKOK — When a man erupted into a police station brandishing a knife, Senior Sgt. Maj. Anirut Malee did not reach for his sidearm or tackle down the assailant.

This Woman Eats Food, and Millions Tune in to Watch Her Do It

BANGKOK — Most people probably wouldn’t sit in front of their computers to watch someone eat for several minutes. But millions seem to be willing to see one Korean woman enjoy her meals again and again – so much so, that one of her videos has amassed more than 18 millions views.

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