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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Net Idol Fined Over Facebook Live Striptease

BANGKOK — A net idol was charged Wednesday afternoon for stripping naked in a Facebook livestream tuned into by hundreds of thousands of viewers and shared throughout the online kingdom.

Thainet Flips Out Over Headbanging Bird

BANGKOK — If you want a picture of the future, imagine a purple cartoon bird thrashing its head – forever.

Chula Students Want #ChulassicPark-Era Uniform Rule to Go Extinct

BANGKOK — Chulalongkorn University engineering students hit back Wednesday against a rule that uniforms must be worn at all times, even outside the classroom, at the peril of their academic standing.

Phuket Stunned by Cop’s Sick Street Moves (Video)

PHUKET — Helmet? Check. Safety vest and handgun? Check. Totally fly moves? Hell yes of check. A traffic cop revealed his secret B-boy identity and like-a-pro skills Saturday night while working a Phuket city marathon.

Social Media Opens New Fronts in Thailand’s Culture Wars

BANGKOK — When the Miss World Pageant 2016 was broadcast in Thailand last month, millions saw Filipino-American host Megan Young’s cleavage blurred by Thai censors every time she appeared on camera.

So Much Green: Google Declares All Bangkok is Parkland

BANGKOK — Users of Google’s popular mapping feature were surprised Friday to find much of Thailand – and all of Bangkok – had become parkland.

Ecology of Intrusion: Report Details Thai State’s Assault on Internet Privacy

BANGKOK — When Facebook abruptly vanished from virtual Thailand in 2014, it was as if the social media-addicted masses were exposed to the vacuum of space. The gasping lasted about 30 minutes until access was restored, and suspicion immediately turned to the military, which only six days prior staged a coup d’etat and had long sought control of the internet.

Memes Go Dank in Response to Hotel Painting Caper

BANGKOK — We may never know what beautiful paintings prompted a senior Thai bureaucrat to steal them during his stay at a hotel in Japan as alleged earlier this week. But we can certainly appreciate the flurry of memes that burst forth like colors on a canvas.

‘I Have Served My Bad Karma,’ Bureaucrat Says in Epic Resignation Letter

TRANG — A cheeky resignation letter penned by a 27-year veteran bureaucrat set social media abuzz Friday, inspiring like-minded internet salarymen who wish they could follow suit.

Thai Teacher’s Tale of Injustice Ignites Public Sympathies

BANGKOK — A teacher imprisoned for a year and a half for killing a motorcyclist on the road has gone public with a story of injustice and police incompetence that a court will soon hear.

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