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Friday, April 20, 2018

Chula’s Prayuth Hecklers Say Police Hounding Them

BANGKOK — Several students said Wednesday that undercover police visited their homes and schools in response to their protest of a visit by Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha to their campus.

Muslim Talk Show Host Apologizes for Offending Buddhists

BANGKOK — A Muslim talk show host apologized for offending Buddhists by mocking prostration to religious idols, after the nation’s top Islamic cleric blasted him on social media.

Cabinet Drafts Plan to Regulate, Tax Crypto

BANGKOK - The interim cabinet has agreed to draft a law to regulate cryptocurrency trading, seeking to tax the largely unregulated market. Government spokesman Nathporn...

Panther Protest Kept Alive as Property Owners Offer Space

First it was a black panther with a gunshot wound stenciled at a construction site. Then a black cat’s head appeared on a street...

Internet Chips in to Help Name New Party

BANGKOK — A progressive political party expected to join the next election hasn’t yet registered its name, but the internet is already pitching in, however seriously.

Romcom Fever Triples Ayutthaya Tourism: Officials

AYUTTHAYA — Thais have been dressing up in traditional garb and taking road trips to Wat Chaiwatthanaram for photo ops, and a recent historical romcom that’s taken the nation by storm is taking the credit.
Lichtsasi Mongkolpornsap, 20, and Jessadaporn Buapetch, 20. Photo: Lichtsasi Mongkolpornsap / Facebook

Thainet Mourns ‘Superstitious Death’ of ‘Ill-Fated Lovers’

BANGKOK — The tragic end to a couple’s romance on Thursday threw the Thai internet into a frenzy.

Aunties All the Rage as Mansion Becomes Landmark (Photos)

BANGKOK — If the Saengyotrakarns thought they would finally be left in peace after they assaulted a car parked illegally in front of their home last week, they were sorely wrong.

Thailand Purrs as ‘Black Panther’ Explodes Box Office

BANGKOK — Film-goers are fangirling and fanboying over a new dashing royal figure – King T’Challa of Wakanda – after giving “Black Panther” a 100 million baht opening.

Vest-Case Scenario: Motosai Accuse Mall of Discrimination

BANGKOK — When is an orange vest fashionable and when is it uncouth? At a downtown shopping mall, it may depend on who’s wearing it.

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