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Friday, April 20, 2018

Cyber Activists Bring Down Govt Sites to Protest ‘Single Gateway’

BANGKOK — Of the different stakeholders opposed to a government-managed “single gateway” for internet traffic, it was some of the net's most zealous users which instigated a crude but effective cyberattack last night to protest the plan.

Junta Weighs Emergency Cyber Committee With Censorship Powers

BANGKOK — Citing urgent cyberthreats, a junta-appointed body Monday considered a proposal to create a temporary authority to police online content before supporting legislation is passed.

Calls for Justice Answered by Social Media in 2016

The rise of social media in recent years, for all its flaws, has given the public a powerful tool to draw attention to their grievances and sometimes prompt action by occasionally indifferent authorities.

LA Woman Booted From Ceremony For Dress Invites Fury Online

BANGKOK — A Thai-American woman turned away Thursday from a Thai temple in Los Angeles for her attire has become an object of contempt online.

Authorities Threaten to Ban Pokemon Go

BANGKOK — Telecommunications regulators threatened to ban Pokemon Go if developers refuse to restrict the areas where it is played.

‘My Mate Nate’ Charged With Railway Obstruction (Photos)

BANGKOK — A controversial American YouTuber who was slammed for flattening coins on train tracks was charged Monday with railway obstruction and trespassing.

K-pop Fans Slam Korean Mall Party’s #WorstMCs2017

BANGKOK — The grand launch of a new shopping venue targeting the Korean-obsessed ended up angering some fans who felt the well-known hosts presiding over the event dissed their favorite things.

Celebrities Mourn Death of King Bhumibol

BANGKOK — Thai and international celebrities posted their condolences on social media Thursday after news broke on the passing of King Bhumibol.

Gov’t Committee Weighs Asking Facebook to Link Thai IDs

BANGKOK — Members of the junta-appointed reform committee said Tuesday that social media users need stricter identity verification methods to deter them from using it inappropriately.

Women Share Challenges, Successes on #DayoftheGirl #วันเด็กหญิงสากล

BANGKOK — Women and girls took to social media channels Wednesday to talk about the challenges they still face in society on International Day of the Girl.

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