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Monday, September 25, 2017

Calls for Justice Answered by Social Media in 2016

The rise of social media in recent years, for all its flaws, has given the public a powerful tool to draw attention to their grievances and sometimes prompt action by occasionally indifferent authorities.

These Four Guys Got Stuck in an Elevator, Made a Song About it.

BANGKOK — A quartet of university sophomores found their voices instead of freaking out when they got stuck in a campus elevator to the delight of many online today.

Marine Experts Condemn Coral-Stomping Shoe Ads

BANGKOK — Marine experts and environmentalists were left seething Friday by marketing images for a brand of aquatic shoes in which models appear to step on coral.

Reality Invaders: Hype or Hope? VR Tech Reaches Thailand

After decades of false promise, Virtual Reality is here, with consumer-level (if still pricey) products that provide a convincing experience of transporting users to another place.

Facebook Threatened on Belief Govt Had Warrants it Didn’t

BANGKOK — After an ultimatum had passed Tuesday for Facebook to act on censorship demands, telecommunication regulators admitted that necessary court orders hadn’t actually been obtained before threatening the social media giant with criminal action last week.

Taxi Driver Loses His License for 3 Months for Road Rage Attack (Video)

BANGKOK — A taxi driver who kicked and jumped on foreigner's car before appearing to attempt to run him over in a viral video...

Pokemon Invade Streets of Bangkok, Running Battles Ensue

BANGKOK — Snorlax was found napping in Lat Phrao. Charmander was captured at Chit Lom. Over on Silom Road, some Pokemon trainers dedicated their Wednesday lunch break to capture a Bulbasaur, in hopes to one day catch’em all.

Flight Attendant Bullied Over Pics Gets Last Laugh

BANGKOK — Instead of ghosting, raging or lawyering up, a former flight attendant ridiculed online for her bogus travel photos thumbed her nose at the scorn and one-upped those mocking her.

Badly Translated Poster Gives ‘Dunkirk’ Darker Ending

BANGKOK — A mistranslated advertisement for World War II movie “Dunkirk” has made Thai netizens shake their red-cheeked faces in shame.

Chula Professors Tackle Student Trying to Leave Initiation (Video)

BANGKOK — Students who attempted to leave a freshmen initiation ceremony Thursday afternoon at Chulalongkorn University were tackled by professors, some of whom then tried to take the phones away from students who filmed the incident.

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