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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
The Democracy Monument on Thursday. Photo: Matichon

Thai Net Skeptical About Democracy Monument ‘Renovation’

BANGKOK — City Hall is having a hard time convincing the internet that one of Bangkok’s most recognized landmarks isn’t about to suffer the same fate as other monuments to Thai democracy.
Coup fever struck Thai social media earlier in February following a perfect storm of true, partially true and outright false reports circulated online.

Info Wars: Social Media Ripe Target For Thai Election Disinfo

A tangle of truths, half-truths and falsehoods, it was the kind of mess vexing tech platforms have been struggling – and often failing – to handle in the age of online disinformation.

Naresuan Seniors, Alumni Defend Muddy Hazing

PHITSANULOK — A ceremony, watched over by professors, sanctifies a wooden pole. Freshmen in white carry a heavy wooden pillar around the campus before...

Viral Video Uses Pooches to Explain Dog-Eat-Dog Thai Elections

BANGKOK — An amusing and educational animation explaining how the March 24 Thai elections will work – through dog cartoons – was going viral...

#SkyLovesDaddy: How a Politician Became a Sweeping Thai Net Hashtag

BANGKOK — In the lead-up to the first election since social media fully bloomed in the country, every major party is competing for attention on the volatile Thai internet.
Photo: Anti Sotus / Facebook

Freshmen Stripped to Undies on SOTUS Beach Trip

PHETCHABURI — Freshmen were stripped to their underwear and forced to stand shoulder to shoulder as early-morning waves crashed around them. Some were made...
Photo: @Copine_cop / Twitter

Why #LongLiveSlender is Exploding Across Thai Social Media

BANGKOK — Frenzied supporters are flooding social media with memes framing the eldest child of the late king’s entry into politics as an epic...

How Fake News and Disinfo Will Affect Thailand’s Election

Though the prospects of misinformation being used effectively are high in a nation with some of the world’s most active social media users, experts believe that – given the circumstances – it’s likely to play out differently and on a smaller scale.

Asoke Cat, Rags-to-Riches Thai Cat Celeb, Dies (Updated)

BANGKOK — A cat who rose from humble origins to become one of Thailand’s first internet-famous animals died Wednesday night.
Thai Local Power Party election posters, which feature, from left, Assadayut ‘Natalia Pliacam’ Khunviseadpong, Chuenchob Kong-udom and Rattaphoom ‘Film’ Toekongsap.

Election Gets Epic With Cinematic Campaign Posters

BANGKOK — A chiseled singer and drag queen pose dramatically against “Inception”-like backgrounds of the city skyline. One man reaches his hand out to...





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