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The Good, Bad & Ugly of the Computer Crime Act, in Detail

After the Computer Crime Act was passed Dec. 16 by unanimous vote despite a last-minute petition of more than 300,000 opposing the law and much-hated Single Gateway program, all eyes are now on the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, or DE Ministry, to see how it exercises its new great powers.

Pim Thai Mai Dai Could Be the Most Relevant Thing Online Right Now

BANGKOK — Click on those colorful memes mixing Taylor Swift gifs with this minute’s hot topic and expect to be confused when it takes you to Pim Thai Mai Dai.

Army Denies Buying Web Security Cracking Devices

BANGKOK — Hacktivists posted online Tuesday documents they say contradict army denials it has purchased decryption devices that would allow access to encrypted computer traffic.

Military Gives Police Alleged Hacker to Display to Public

BANGKOK — A 19-year-old accused of hacking a police website was presented to the public Monday by authorities looking to show such suspects can be found and prosecuted.

Flight Attendant Bullied Over Pics Gets Last Laugh

BANGKOK — Instead of ghosting, raging or lawyering up, a former flight attendant ridiculed online for her bogus travel photos thumbed her nose at the scorn and one-upped those mocking her.

Police, Netizens Hunt For Lost Elder Wand

BANGKOK — A week or so ago, when Natdanai Asavaruks went to go see the latest movie set in the Harry Potter universe, he brought along a prized possession – his Elder Wand.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ Inspires Thai Wizarding Fervor in Magical Memes

BANGKOK — A Thai-style spirit tree is a Whomping Willow. Naga represent House Slytherin. Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha with a yellow python is Voldemort and his horcrux Nagini.

From Bangkok With Love: Russian Startups Digitize Thai E-Commerce

BANGKOK — They know the stereotypes all too well. The Russian jet ski scammer on Phuket, the mafiya foot soldiers in Pattaya or vodka-marinated voin just about anywhere.

Gross: Students Report Vendor Who Reuses Ice Cubes, Straws (Video)

BANGKOK — Authorities Thursday said they were looking into reports of a drink vendor reusing ice and straws after university students published an expose in their campus newspaper.

K-Drama Addicts Panic as Top Pirate Site Stops Streaming

Thailand’s de facto source for feeding its addiction to Korean soap operas was forced to stop subbing and streaming new episodes to the dismay of panicked fans.





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