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Flesh is Canvas For Mourners’ Permanent Oaths of Loyalty

BANGKOK — A trend has emerged in which people are expressing their love and sorrow for His Majesty the Late King with tributes that could last a lifetime.

Photos of Faltering But Dedicated Royal Procession Guard Go Viral

BANGKOK — Photos of a naval officer nearly fainting as he stood guard near the motorcade carrying His Majesty the Late King’s body Friday evening have gone viral on social media, drawing praise for his perseverance.

Netizens Flood Social Media With Pink and Yellow

Thais were flooding social media with an outpouring of love and concern Thursday for HM King after news of his health condition reached the general public.

Karen Woman’s Cheeky Protest Gets Results (Photos)

TAK — Viral photos of a Karen woman wearing a sarong and bathing in a road to make a point about the potholes in...

Thai University Students Cosplay as Red Guards and Nazis, Again (Photos)

BANGKOK — Thailand’s university students again showed their zeal for genocidal chic in leaked photos showing seniors from a top art school dressed up as Adolf Hitler and Chinese Red Guards, reportedly for a hazing ritual.

Model Files Charges Against Woman Who Filmed Her Naked

BANGKOK — A woman caught having sex with another’s boyfriend and subsequently humiliated in a now-viral video has filed a criminal charge over the...

Authorities Threaten to Ban Pokemon Go

BANGKOK — Telecommunications regulators threatened to ban Pokemon Go if developers refuse to restrict the areas where it is played.

Pokemon Go is Here and You Can Play It Right Now

BANGKOK — As voters prepare to cast their ballots in Sunday’s referendum that will either endorse or reject a new constitution, a wild Pikachu appears!

With Money in Reach and Eyes on Fintech, Thai Startups Turn Corner at Techsauce...

BANGKOK — This past weekend’s Techsauce Summit provided insight into the ever-expanding Thai startup ecosystem where financial technology is red hot, venture capital infrastructure is booming – and above all – mobile is still king.

Contrary to What Internet Says, Shop Denies These Thai Amulets Made in China

BANGKOK — When someone posted photos supposedly of a shop in Chinatown selling counterfeit Buddhist amulets made en masse in a Chinese factory, all hell broke loose, with netizens screaming: Is nothing sacred or exclusively Thai anymore?





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