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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Memes Take Flight Attendant’s Online Deception to New Heights

BANGKOK — A former flight attendant exposed for photoshopping herself into amazing locations inspired the internet Thursday to escalate its ridicule with its own backlash of memes.

Cabinet Drafts Plan to Regulate, Tax Crypto

BANGKOK - The interim cabinet has agreed to draft a law to regulate cryptocurrency trading, seeking to tax the largely unregulated market. Government spokesman Nathporn...

Bodyslam Singer Falls Into Drain Training For Charity Run

BANGKOK — It was with some irony a famous singer acknowledged Thursday that he injured his leg falling into a drain while training for a charity run to benefit hospitals.
'I, Robot.' Original image: 20th Century Fox

Twitter Vague on Action as Bot Army Idles

BANGKOK — Twitter says it is monitoring reports of a surge in suspected bot accounts as users say they are continuing to get bogus followers for a yet unknown purpose.

This Woman Eats Food, and Millions Tune in to Watch Her Do It

BANGKOK — Most people probably wouldn’t sit in front of their computers to watch someone eat for several minutes. But millions seem to be willing to see one Korean woman enjoy her meals again and again – so much so, that one of her videos has amassed more than 18 millions views.

Fave Chat Creatures Come to Life in ‘Line Village’ (Photos)

BANGKOK — Take a photo with Choco the fashionista bear in her bedroom. Tell Cony the bunny to stop running around you and go dance in a corner for your amusement. See Moon dressed as an astronaut on a mission to explore, well, the moon.

Thaksin’s Son Declares for ‘Black Pink’ and K-Pop Sphere Erupts

BANGKOK — Ardent fans of one of the current hottest Korean girl groups went into a frenzy Wednesday at the news their band of choice was endorsed by none other than the son of perhaps Thailand’s most polarizing political figure.

Primetime Soap Reignites Debate Over Executing Rapists

BANGKOK — A primetime soap with sexual assault as a central plot point has inflamed social debate over the death penalty and rape culture.

Teacher Candidates Demand English Requirements Be Reduced

BANGKOK — An internet discussion about teacher candidates calling for lower English-language requirements sparked arguments over their necessity on social media this week. Taking over...

Dismissive Prayuth Tells Hackers to Knock it Off

BANGKOK — Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Tuesday dismissed online dissidents as uninformed and urged them to end their online rebellion.





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