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Friday, June 22, 2018

Activists Protest Thai Human Rights Agency's Post-Coup 'Silence'

BANGKOK — Anti-coup activists disrupted an award ceremony organized by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) this morning to protest the agency's perceived apathy in the face of human rights abuses following the 22 May coup.

Flower Market ‘Cleanup’ Conflict Continues

BANGKOK — The campaign to clean up and reclaim public space from Pak Khlong Talad, Bangkok’s iconic flower market, is still not settled four months after it began.

Auspicious Beginning For Thailand’s New Government

BANGKOK — Thailand's new Cabinet ministers moved into their offices inside the newly-renovated Government House this morning on a date considered auspicious by many Thais.

Striking Images of Disparity in ‘All That Glitters’ at Jam

BANGKOK — A girl throws a temper tantrum in a shopping mall. An inattentive construction worker looks to the sky.

Made By Legacy Flea Market: Pretension or Desperation?

BANGKOK — Judging by the number of hipsters and regular folk attending the latest two-day ‘Made By Legacy’ Flea Market which ends today, there’s a seemingly insatiable desire by some to dress-up for their vision of a perfect-world.

Jewelry Brand Brings Beauty From Blight of Khlong Toei Slums

BANGKOK — Once a month, a train creeps slowly between the narrow press of homes. In the days in between, children play between the grassy tracks and skip back home to hot rooms where families gather around small TVs.

Uncanny Valley: Bangkok’s Club Tribes Hit the Road (Photos)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — For those who chase bliss dancing till dawn, Bangkok’s free-wheeling nightlife has been in a state of decline.

Abandonia: Photog Catalogs Thailand’s Discarded Places

BANGKOK — Take a glimpse inside an airplane boneyard and a long-vacant nightclub dedicated to the caped crusader.

Myanmar Gold Rush Slows Ahead of Elections

BANGKOK (DPA) — When Myanmar began its political reforms in 2011, firms around the world salivated at the prospect of investing in the resource-rich and largely undeveloped country.

See Nepal’s Rejected Lives Through Photos Saturday

BANGKOK — Nomadic families wandering between the Indian border and the Nepali Himalayan foothills will be reflected through the lense of a French-English photographer’s first solo exhibition “In Nowhere Land” Friday.

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