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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Health Warnings Over ‘Silent Killer’ After Mom, Boy Die in Lat Phrao Parking Lot

BANGKOK — Health experts called attention to the danger of sleeping inside a vehicle Sunday after a mother and her young son suffocated to death in a suburban neighborhood of the capital.

Police Say Forensic Tests Implicate 2 Burmese in Koh Tao Murder

SURAT THANI — Police say DNA tests reveal that two Burmese migrant workers were responsible for the murder of two British backpackers in southern Thailand nearly three weeks ago.

Review: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with New Dimension

The Disney "live-action" remakes, of which the new "Beauty and the Beast" is but one in an assembly line, are starting to resemble an iPhone software update. Click a button and that old cartoon interface changes Belle into Emma Watson, the Beast into Dan Stevens and maybe fixes a few bugs in the system.

Artist Perplexed by Reports of Haunted Installation

Art imitates life, but can the afterlife imitate art?

Reminisce About Dreamland at Expo as AR Meets Art

BANGKOK — Enter a room filled with a dozen eyes following you around while the grim still paintings on the wall secretly scream without anyone knowing – the secrets will be revealed with the magic touch of a mobile phone app.

See Film Trump Fought to Suppress for Decades

BANGKOK — Long a fixture of oversized American personalities, Donald Trump has become a household name around the world with his say-anything, demagogic quest for the U.S. presidency.

Grandmonster ‘Godzilla’ and Friends to Roar Outdoors at Silpakorn

BANGKOK — Godzilla will wreck the world and WALL-E will survey its destruction while the Na’vi defend their’s from human greed – all under the stars in Bangkok’s historic quarter.

War of Words: Thai MCs Battle for Supremacy, Lulz

Waving to the crowd for support, it was MC Youngohm’s turn to take apart his opponent on the stage. Circling across from him, MC Ken Noi of Chiang Rai listened anxiously and prepared to fire back at the end of the 45-second round. It all made for a very rude six minutes as the two took turns freestyling rap full of braggadocio, disses and punchlines.

Paradise of the Blind: Prohibited Prints Under Assault at ‘Reading Room’

BANGKOK — For its gay penguin parents, Singapore limited access to “And Tango Makes Three.” Chinese censors originally banned Lewis Carroll’s masterwork “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” for representing human-animal equality

UDD Skeptical of Army's Stance On Interim PM

BANGKOK — Leader of the pro-government Redshirts has urged the commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army to explicitly announce that he will not, if offered, accept a job as an interim Prime Minister.





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