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Friday, April 20, 2018

Landline Phones To Be Charged By Minute

(20 March) Landline phones in Thailand are no longer to be charged under a flat fee of 3 baht per call, an official said.

Cabinet to Weigh Extending Free Tourist Visa Program

BANGKOK — The interim cabinet Tuesday afternoon will consider a request from a top tourism official to extend free tourist visas and discounted visas on arrival for another three months.

Why You Will Probably Pay Less Income Tax This Year

BANGKOK — Those who earn less than 26,000 baht per month will not be required to pay personal income taxes under new tax code launched for 2017.

Will 7-Eleven Pick Up Where Thailand’s Banks Leave Off?

BANGKOK — In the past year alone, 7-Eleven has wooed consumers with cashless payments and wowed them with draft beer machines – though the latter was killed before the foam settled.

How to Transfer Land Tax-Free Under New Thai Law

People have expressed excitement about the new law which enabled transferring land to a company to pay for shares without any personal income tax...

Pitsanulok Pays Fresh Batch Of Rice Money

(7 February) BAAC branches in Phitsanulok province have paid out another batch of compensation money to local farmers who participated in rice-pledging program.

Free World Cup Telecasts Bill Still Unpaid

BANGKOK — The state has yet to compensate Thai media giant RS International for airing the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches free of charge to the public, a move that was ordered by the Thai military junta a month after it staged a coup.

Asian Development Bank Cuts Growth Forecast for Region

MANILA (DPA) – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Thursday cut its economic growth forecast for developing Asia amid slower-than-expected growth in the United States and China.

Malaysian Airliner Tragedy To Affect Thai Tourism: Official

BANGKOK — Officials have warned that the suspected downing of a Malaysian Airline plane in Ukraine could discourage Westerners from traveling to Thailand, further crippling the Kingdom’s already-struggling tourism industry.

Nativist Learns MahaNakhon Designed by Top Foreign Architect, Complains to Govt

BANGKOK — As Bangkok’s shiny new building currently wins attention and plaudits, there’s at least one person unhappy about it.

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