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Crime, Courts, Calamity

Bad things happen to good people; good things happen to bad people.

Politicians Charged for ‘Distorting Constitution’ in Private Letters

BANGKOK — Eleven people, including former politicians and local officials, are under arrest for allegedly misrepresenting the new constitution draft that will be put to a referendum this Sunday.

Activists Sue Security Forces Over 2015 Rally Crackdown

BANGKOK — A group of pro-democracy activists on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the authorities alleging they used excessive force during a crackdown on a 2015 political gathering in the capital.

Phang Nga Mob Enraged by Alleged Royal Defamation Post

Phang Nga — Hundreds of people gathered Saturday night in front of a roti store raged by a Facebook post which allegedly defamed the monarchy demanding the shop owner’s son to apologize.

Bill Dispute At Songkhla Karaoke Bar Kills 1

(18 November) A man has been killed by the owner of a karaoke bar in Songkhla province, while the owner himself has been stabbed by a knife, police said.

Koh Tao Murder: Police 'Willing' To Probe Abuse of Burmese Suspects

SURAT THANI — A senior Thai police officer has promised to investigate the claim that police abused Burmese migrant workers while interrogating them about the murder of two British tourists in southern Thailand last week.

Police: Former BKK Top Cop to be Banned From Japan

BANGKOK — The former commander of the Bangkok police force will not stand trial in Japan for carrying a loaded gun into a Tokyo airport last month, but is expected to be barred from entering the country for at least one year, according to a Thai police spokesperson.

Fire Breaks Out at Major Nonthaburi

Nonthaburi — A fire broke out at Major Cineplex shopping mall near Nonthaburi Pier this afternoon.

Tak Road Witnesses Yet Another Tragic Accident

TAK - A hilly slope of the highway in Mueang district of Tak province has claimed yet another traffic accident in which 15 people were killed.

DSI Seizes 30 Million Baht Worth Of Abortion Pills

(13 December) The Division of Special Investigation (DSI) has arrested a man accused of selling thousands of illegal abortion pills on the internet.

Rohingya Trafficking Verdicts Welcomed, But May Be ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

BANGKOK — Rights activists and a local Rohingya leader welcomed the heavy sentences handed down by the Criminal Court this past week to those involved in a massive human trafficking operation but said more needs to be done.

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