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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Thainet Barbecues Rich Kid Upskirting in London

BANGKOK — Thai netizens Friday were ridiculing a senator’s son fined for filming up women’s skirts in London.

‘Big Ass’ Charged with Piracy For Playing Own Song

BANGKOK — Five rockers were charged Tuesday by a music label for playing a song from their back catalog.

144 Arrested as Part of Operation ‘X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner’

BANGKOK — Nearly 150 foreigners were arrested early Friday morning when authorities raided a night market on Ratchadaphisek Road.
Photo: Thierry Pol / Facebook

Foreign ‘DSI Agent’ Threatens Editor to Remove Story on Russian Whistleblowers

BANGKOK — The Department of Special Investigations, or DSI, said Saturday it would investigate a foreigner claiming to be one of its agents who threatened a news editor to remove a story about the recent arrests of Russian and Belorussian social media personalities in Pattaya.

Environmental Activist Accuses Police Aiding Premchai

BANGKOK — Police and environment officials Tuesday denied an environment activist’s accusations they were protecting a powerful construction mogul accused of killing a black panther.

Tak Poacher Busted Prepping Dismembered Monkey Meal

TAK — When police entered Nikorn Manpakdee’s house Friday morning, they found him busy in the kitchen. What was cooking in his kitchen? A severed macaque head, 2 kilograms of skinned macaque meat, and the animal’s legs and arms.

Near-Extinct Swamp Cats Seized From Bangkok Home

BANGKOK — Two rare wild cats were seized Wednesday from a Bangkok residence.

Premchai Chewed Panther’s Leg Then Tossed It: Investigators

KANCHANABURI — Wildlife officials were testing bones and other remains of a black panther Friday for evidence it was shot and killed by a powerful CEO’s hunting party.

Ex-Official Wanted For Helping Premchai Linked to Italian-Thai

BANGKOK — A former parks official with financial links to the firm whose CEO was arrested on poaching charges had yet to turn himself in to police as of Monday.

Forest Ranger: Poacher Premchai Offered Bribe

BANGKOK — A ranger and his coworkers have told police that the powerful construction magnate they arrested on suspicion of poaching a rare black panther tried to bribe them, a police official said.

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