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Monday, February 18, 2019

Thai Man Escapes With Life in Harrowing, Violent Scam in Parisian Club

PARIS — A New Year’s trip to the City of Love took a scary turn for one Thai man whose harrowing night on the...
Photo: Arkadiy Kulev / Facebook

Police Hunt for Gibbon Selfie Hawker on Koh Samui

KOH SAMUI — Island police are on the lookout for a repeat wildlife offender who farms tourists for money by charging them for photos...

Illegal Sports, Movie Stream Sites Taken Down in Crackdown

BANGKOK — Security forces raided nearly 20 venues nationwide to shut down illicit operations streaming pirated films.
Surang Supornsuk talks to police Tuesday night at the Rattanathibet Police Station in Nonthaburi city.

Elderly Benz Driver Charged For Fatal Expressway Wreck

NONTHABURI — An elderly woman who crashed into a disabled truck and sent two men plummeting their deaths has been charged with fatal reckless...
Cherprang Areekul at the Technology Crime Suppression Division on Tuesday.

BNK Singer Goes to Police Over Sex Toy Pic

BANGKOK —One of the kingdom’s top pop singers filed a police complaint Tuesday against whoever digitally inserted a sex toy into a photo of...
Surat Phaeoket tends to Tongkum Thursday night at Khan Na Yao Police Station.

Smiling Buffalo Sliding Into Depression: Farmer Friend

BANGKOK — A farmer accused of serious crimes for crowdfunding a buffalo has denied all charges and says the animal is suffering in police...

Guards vs. Taxi Driver in Terminal 21 Battle Royale (Video)

BANGKOK — A mass melee involving a taxi driver and security guards at a downtown shopping mall this week ended up at the police station Friday after footage of it hit the internets.
Surat Phaeoket embraces Tongkum on Thursday at Khan Na Yao Police Station.

Summoned by Police, Farmer Briefly Reunites with Smiling Buffalo

BANGKOK — After spending two days apart from his beloved buffalo, which authorities seized earlier this week, Surat Phaeoket rushed to the police station...
Tongkum and Surat Phaeoket. Photo: Smiling Buffalo, A Little Thing Called Happiness. “Surat Phaeoket & Tongkum / Facebook

Farmer Who Bought Smiling Buffalo Charged With Fraud, Money Laundering

BANGKOK — A farmer who crowdfunded the purchase of a buffalo he had bonded with was charged Tuesday afternoon with fraud, money laundering and...

Police Still Clueless to Whereabouts of ‘Boss Red Bull’

Police have yet to determine the whereabouts of the fugitive scion of an energy drink empire accused of killing a policeman six years ago, a spokesman said Thursday.





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