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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Forest Ranger: Poacher Premchai Offered Bribe

BANGKOK — A ranger and his coworkers have told police that the powerful construction magnate they arrested on suspicion of poaching a rare black panther tried to bribe them, a police official said.

Rangers: Premchai Ate the Leopard in a Soup

BANGKOK — The investigation into a construction mogul has turned up an extensive arsenal of firearms at his home and evidence he shot and ate a soup made of the big black cat he is accused of killing in a wildlife sanctuary.

Italian-Thai President Charged With Poaching Wild Animals

KANCHANABURI — A construction company mogul and three other men were charged Tuesday with poaching a leopard, panther and other wildlife in a sanctuary.

Pattaya Woman Accuses Police of Rape – Twice (Video)

PATTAYA — A policeman and another man accused of raping and extorting a woman for money while wearing police uniforms turned themselves in Monday, authorities said.
Some of the 39 people charged with violating a public assembly law by rallying too close to a royal palace appeared Friday morning in Bangkok.

Police Will Seek Immediate Jailing of #MBK39

BANGKOK — Anti-junta protesters Friday asked police to delay reading charges against them after learning they would immediately be taken to court and possibly ...

Africans, Indians Arrested in Latest Raid on ‘Black People’ (Video)

BANGKOK — Police said they arrested 10 “black people” for various offenses early Thursday morning in an operation they described as racially motivated.

Crime of Passion: Thai-French Murder Couple Bid Farewell (Video)

PHICHIT — A French-Thai couple bid a poignant farewell Wednesday before being led away to await trial for the murder of an Italian man.

Frenchman Confesses to Murdering Girlfriend’s Italian Husband

PHICHIT — A Frenchman confessed Tuesday to cutting the throat of his Thai lover’s Italian husband, police said.

Police Capture Thai Woman Suspected in Italian’s Murder (Video)

TAK — Police on Monday morning arrested a Thai woman wanted for the murder of her Italian husband along with her French boyfriend.

Two Israelis Arrested at Airport Over ‘Mafia’ Hit on Samui

BANGKOK — Two Israeli men were arrested Monday morning at Don Mueang International Airport for what police say was a mafia-style hit on a compatriot the day before.

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