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Friday, March 23, 2018

Ex-Official Wanted For Helping Premchai Linked to Italian-Thai

BANGKOK — A former parks official with financial links to the firm whose CEO was arrested on poaching charges had yet to turn himself in to police as of Monday.

Forest Ranger: Poacher Premchai Offered Bribe

BANGKOK — A ranger and his coworkers have told police that the powerful construction magnate they arrested on suspicion of poaching a rare black panther tried to bribe them, a police official said.

Rangers: Premchai Ate the Leopard in a Soup

BANGKOK — The investigation into a construction mogul has turned up an extensive arsenal of firearms at his home and evidence he shot and ate a soup made of the big black cat he is accused of killing in a wildlife sanctuary.

Italian-Thai President Charged With Poaching Wild Animals

KANCHANABURI — A construction company mogul and three other men were charged Tuesday with poaching a leopard, panther and other wildlife in a sanctuary.

Pattaya Woman Accuses Police of Rape – Twice (Video)

PATTAYA — A policeman and another man accused of raping and extorting a woman for money while wearing police uniforms turned themselves in Monday, authorities said.
Some of the 39 people charged with violating a public assembly law by rallying too close to a royal palace appeared Friday morning in Bangkok.

Police Will Seek Immediate Jailing of #MBK39

BANGKOK — Anti-junta protesters Friday asked police to delay reading charges against them after learning they would immediately be taken to court and possibly ...

OG Yakuza Extradited to Japan

SAMUT PRAKAN — A yakuza member whose tattoos led to his arrest in Lopburi province after over a decade on the run was extradited to Japan on Thursday, police said.

Africans, Indians Arrested in Latest Raid on ‘Black People’ (Video)

BANGKOK — Police said they arrested 10 “black people” for various offenses early Thursday morning in an operation they described as racially motivated.

Crime of Passion: Thai-French Murder Couple Bid Farewell (Video)

PHICHIT — A French-Thai couple bid a poignant farewell Wednesday before being led away to await trial for the murder of an Italian man.

Frenchman Confesses to Murdering Girlfriend’s Italian Husband

PHICHIT — A Frenchman confessed Tuesday to cutting the throat of his Thai lover’s Italian husband, police said.

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