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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Junta Backers Dream of Validation in US Coup

Junta supporters are using the images of anti-Trump protesters burning objects, including one defecating in public, as proof Americans are no better than Thais at respecting democracy.

The Good, Bad & Ugly of the Computer Crime Act, in Detail

After the Computer Crime Act was passed Dec. 16 by unanimous vote despite a last-minute petition of more than 300,000 opposing the law and much-hated Single Gateway program, all eyes are now on the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, or DE Ministry, to see how it exercises its new great powers.

SOS for China’s SOEs

BEIJING — China’s economic slowdown has been the subject of countless debates, discussions, articles, and analyses. While the proposed remedies vary considerably, there seems to be a broad consensus that the illness is structural. But while structural problems, from diminishing returns to capital to the rise in protectionism since the global economic crisis, are certainly acting as a drag on growth, another factor has gone largely unnoticed: the business cycle.

Let Thai Buddhism Be Reborn

There are two divergent paths for Thai Buddhism, veteran French journalist Arnaud Dubus predicts in his latest book.

Thailand’s China Syndrome

It is impossible to overlook the growing influence of China in Thailand. Durian prices have surged in recent years due to soaring Chinese demand. Chinese...

General, It’s Time to Move On

When he took power by force, they cheered for him as if he was Miss Universe Thailand strutting across the stage to greet Steve Harvey. When officials and politicians were rounded up on corruption charges, they applauded him as if he was Toon Bodyslam running across the country.

The Case For Illogical Logic and The Absurd in Juntaland

BANGKOK — Red bowls, balloons, leaflets attack the charter underwritten by the military. Toys with messages call for freedom and democracy, while people stand still in public, read George Orwell’s 1984, or even eat sandwiches.

Voranai: How the Media Fail the People

What do the leaders behind Thailand’s political factions have in common? They all are wealthy and powerful, and have news media outlets peddling hate...

Thai Free Press Sinking Into the Abyss

In a dictator’s wildest dreams, there will only be friendly journalists acting as de facto propaganda mouthpiece who will occasionally sing along in karaoke sessions. Those critical of the dictatorial state would be banned from practicing journalism.

Breaking the Hegemony of Oct 6, 1976 History

History is not to be memorized but to be debated, explained and interpreted through various lenses. When monopolized, history has deprived society of having different ways to look at things. The history of the Oct. 6, 1976 massacre is no exception.





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