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Friday, April 20, 2018
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Prayuth Drops Valentine’s Single ‘Diamond Heart’

BANGKOK — Not to be confused with the Lady Gaga single of the same name, a song written by junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha went viral Wednesday to the derision of netizens.

That’s Nasty: Spotlight Shined on Filthy Bangkok Air (Video)

BANGKOK — Whorls of thick dust in the air at Lumphini Park visible in a widely shared video clip has stoked further fears about...

Don’t Resign, Plead Prawit Wongsuwan Fans (Video)

BANGKOK — A few dozen supporters gathered outside the Defense Ministry to urge embattled junta deputy Prawit Wongsuwan not to resign.

Africans, Indians Arrested in Latest Raid on ‘Black People’ (Video)

BANGKOK — Police said they arrested 10 “black people” for various offenses early Thursday morning in an operation they described as racially motivated.

Thai Princess Saves Christmas With Amazing Dance Videos

BANGKOK — Princess Ubolratana wished people a Merry Christmas this week in a widely hailed, viral videos one must see to believe.

80-Meter Bridge Collapses After Barge Strike (Video)

NAKHON PATHOM — A barge pilot was hit with a minor fine Thursday morning after his vessel smashed into a bridge and made it collapse.

‘Oyster Mask’ Baffles World, Wins YouTube For 2017

BANGKOK — Sorry, it’s not Ed Sheeran’s carpool karaoke or Lady Gaga’s Superbowl show.

MBK Fight Night Back and Ready to Brawl

BANGKOK — The Bangkok institution that is MBK Fight Night has returned for a seventh season of Muay Thai action after more than a year’s layoff.

Thai Indie Music: The Movie

Independent artists are shaking up the Thai music landscape which has long been dominated by two corporate labels. This short film leaps onto the stage and gets face-to-face with some of the musicians taking their sounds out of the capital and across the country.
One of two ferrets suffering coughing fits.video

Owner of Cafe Where Animals Died Sorry For ‘Lapses’

BANGKOK — The acrid smell is the first thing that registers at Siam Square’s Kitties and Bears Cafe. Animal funk is hard to hide...

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