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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Culture is what we do – not what we say.

Thainet Flips Out Over Headbanging Bird

BANGKOK — If you want a picture of the future, imagine a purple cartoon bird thrashing its head – forever.

Thai University Students Cosplay as Red Guards and Nazis, Again (Photos)

BANGKOK — Thailand’s university students again showed their zeal for genocidal chic in leaked photos showing seniors from a top art school dressed up as Adolf Hitler and Chinese Red Guards, reportedly for a hazing ritual.

Thai Men and the White Women Who Love Them

Love blossoms despite open hostility from other foreigners and worn stereotypes about why they really love each other.

Thais Turn 2013 Romanian Pop Song ‘Panama’ Into Dance Meme

BANGKOK — A horribly catchy 2013 Romanian pop song has become a dance meme among Thais, to the surprise and pleasure of the artist.

I Went to a Bangkok Hotel to Hear Apocalyptic Alien Prophecies

t only took stepping into the brown-carpeted conference room of a grungy Bangkok hotel to enter a dimension of belief where aliens not only exist (and think we're stupid) but communicate with a select few Thais over the psychic plane.

Ultra-Royalists Guilt-Shame People Who Don’t Wear Mourning Black

BANGKOK — The colors that once polarized Thailand were red and yellow. Now, as the nation enters its year of mourning, the division appears...

Hmong Parents Protest Children’s Conviction by Reddit

CHIANG MAI — After a photo spread the world over of their children “stealing” a tourist’s watch, two parents of the two Hmong children insisted to police Tuesday it was simply not true.

Chonburi Man Beaten by Mob Over Royal Defamation

CHONBURI — A man was hauled out of his bedroom by a mob Tuesday, beaten and forced to apologize to a portrait of His...
Photo: Nichax / Instagram

Princess Ubolratana Says British Airways Refuses Her Boarding

LONDON — King Rama X’s eldest sister took to her Instagram to say British Airways denied her from boarding a flight Friday morning.

Elephant Squishes Car in Khao Yai National Park

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — Park officials Wednesday published 10 rules to follow when encountering a wild elephant after a video of one such beast squishing a car driving through Khao Yai National Park went viral.



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