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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Editorial: Prayuth’s PM Victory is a Sham

Last night’s vote, which secured junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha another term in office, proved the process was rigged from the start.

Social Media is Prayuth’s Empty Mirror (Opinion)

If Thailand’s junta is truly sincere in its twisted claim that it is working hard toward democratizing Thailand, its ban on campaigning online should be lifted immediately.

Thai Law: Landlord Not Playing By New Rules? Here’s What to Do.

Two weeks after new consumer protections came into effect, few landlords are abiding by them. Should you roll over and give up? No, you should not.
Emergency responders examine a van wrecked in a collision in June 2017 in Sa Kaeo province that killed five.

Thai Roadkill: No More Half Measures

Statistics be damned. Every New Year and Songkran were the last holiday for 300 to 400 people who die on the roads.

Go Russian Into Pattaya in Debut of Khaosod English The Show

Follow editor Todd Ruiz and reporter Teeranai Charuvastra into the mean streets of Pattaya, Thailand, as they search for Russians (et al) arrested for conducting "advanced sex training" in the city.

Brighter Butts, Darker Futures

Walk into any high-end department store in Bangkok and find an immense display of cosmetic brands from Avon to Yves Saint Laurent. Whatever their primary purpose, they all share one prominent feature – making parts of your body whiter.

Thai Law: On Property Rights and Saving Your Marriage Before it Begins

Understanding how prenuptial agreements can be used to give both spouses granular control of how they want things shared is ...
Original images: My Mate Nate / YouTube, Matt Dodd / Flickr, Christy Gibson / Instagram, Em Brain Dead Tattoo / Facebook

When Farangs Go Native

What may start as an endearing and commendable effort – learning some language, meeting some social expectations – can become annoying to the very natives whose approval is sought. Behind one’s back, the whispers begin: You’ve gone native.

The Price of a Woman, Thailand Edition

“All women are whores, except my mother … but then again, she is a woman too,” goes an apocryphal quote alternately attributed to Napoleon...

Finding New Year’s Hope in Juntaland

What’s there to be hopeful, New Year or not? Isn’t the battle, if not the war, lost?



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