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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Thai Law: Secrets to Surviving the New Inheritance Tax

There are enormous tax breaks provided by the government. The problem is most people are completely unaware of them. Take the new inheritance tax...

Brighter Butts, Darker Futures

Walk into any high-end department store in Bangkok and find an immense display of cosmetic brands from Avon to Yves Saint Laurent. Whatever their primary purpose, they all share one prominent feature – making parts of your body whiter.

Opinion: Coronavirus Shows Thai Gov’t Doesn’t Trust Its Citizens

Whether you agree with this latest policy and the government’s advice to Thais abroad not to return home just yet, it reveals the government’s lack of faith in the people.

Opinion: How the Junta Rigged, Tweaked and Stole the Election

The Election Commission has finally announced the 2019 election’s official results, more than a month after voting day. Now, we should ask whether the election was free and fair.
Soldiers stand guard at Bangkok's Democracy Monument on May 22, 2014, hours after the army staged the 12th successful coup d'etat in modern Thai history.

Can We Talk About Thai-Style ‘Democracy?’

At what point is Thai democracy no longer democracy?
An image showing a construction of residences on Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai province. Photo: Yahya Mankong / Facebook

Voranai: The Spoils of Siam

Last week, I was doing my routine run at my usual track. Afterwards, sinking into a chair, sweat drenching from every pore, I overheard a group of elderly puu yai gentlemen talking nearby. These were businessmen, captains of industries, and they were complaining about corruption that oozes out from everywhere, just as the sweat from my every pore. I’ve been running here for the past 20 years, and I’ve heard the same complaint over and over. No matter which political party was in charge, and now with the military government. So, if governments change, why does corruption remain? There’s a number of reasons for this, one of which is the constant that remains despite the parade of different governments: the bureaucrats (kah-racha-karn), the nucleus in the day-to-day management of Thailand.

Yingluck’s Gone But the Masks Follow

Once you put on a mask, like those of classical Thai khon dramas, they can become difficult to remove. You then may end up having...

The Making of a Cult of Personality

Public mourning has become a competitive sport for some who, intentionally or not, have made it more difficult to impress.

Bangkok Street Food Ban a Banal Assault on Way of Life

The irony of the debate on banning Bangkok’s street food was that it took foreigners – mostly Western media – to point out how unique and vibrant street food here was before the military regime backpedaled a tad.
Photo: Ben Bartee

Bangkok’s Class Divisions: An Outsider’s Opinion

Some landscapes paint a more graphic depiction of poverty than others. Such is the case in Bangkok.





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