Internet Puzzled by Woman’s Open-Air Taxi Ride (Video)

A woman rides on the back of a taxi Sunday night near Suvarnabhumi Airport in a still image taken from a video. Image: Orrawan Phuakthaisong / Facebook

BANGKOK — Looking poised and relaxed as if it were a totally normal thing, a woman rode a taxi from a unique position Sunday night.

In a now-viral clip which puzzled the internet, a long-haired woman casually sits on the back of the car driving at speed near Suvarnabhumi Airport.

“Am I seeing things? You see it too, right? Will she show up on the video?” people are heard saying in the clip posted at 8pm by Orrawan Phuakthaisong. “Why is she sitting there?”

Those were some of the many questions spawned by the perplexing scene.

The clip’s creepiness gives way to confusion and amusement as the taxi slows down and the woman, in shorts and a striped tank top, becomes clearly visible. She even gestures helpfully for the car filming her to pass.

While some netizens suspected the woman was a ghost, most of the other 1.5 million viewers seemed to just find it hilarious.

“Maybe sitting on the back hood is half-price for the taxi fare,” user Nattapong Nattapong Phuttaruksa wrote in reply.

Clarification: An earlier version of this story identified the vehicle as a taxi. In other clips to emerge since then, it is identifiable as a Toyota Corolla Altis.