Bar B Q Plaza Recalls Beef Over Mystery Lumps

The ‘irregular’ meat Wilawan Wasuntarasophit says she was served Monday at Bar B Q Plaza. Photo: Wilawan Wasuntarasophit / Facebook

Update Jan. 17: Bar B Q Plaza released lab results Tuesday evening that found no parasites in the meat and said the lumps were abscesses caused by bacterial infection.

BANGKOK — A major barbecue chain is recalling a shipment of beef Tuesday after a photo appeared online of lumpy meat served at one of its restaurants.

The image posted last night by Facebook user Wilawan Wasuntarasophit was quickly taken up by netizens as proof of parasites at the Central Pinklao branch of Bar B Q Plaza. Though the company denies parasites were present in the meat, it apologized today for an employee’s explanation the lumps were tendons.

“We have recalled all the beef imported from Australia in the same lot to several branches for inspection by experts,” read the statement from Bar B Q Plaza. “It is a grievous error on our part that we could not inform our customers about the meat irregularity right there and then.”

Bar B Q Plaza said the “irregular” meat has been sent for inspection at Betagro Group’s company labs with results expected in a week.

Wilawan’s post has been shared more than 17,000 times. In it, she said that she alerted the wait staff to the strange meat, who then replaced it after offering a fatuous explanation.

“I replied that I was full (actually, I couldn’t stomach anymore food). For peace of mind, I asked what the lumps were. The staff said ‘Oh, they’re tendons’ (while making a sheepish face),” she wrote. “Tendons?! If they were really tendons, then why did they change the beef?”

Bar B Q Plaza was founded in 1987 by Choopong Choopojcharoen, who also owns Joom Zap Hut restaurants and Hot Star Chicken Thailand.