Images: Chula MOOC

BANGKOK — Quarantining yourself at home doesn’t mean filling your hours with series binging and indecisiveness over what food to get delivered – make like billions of students with schools closed all around the world, and get yourself some e-knowledge.

The following is a list of online Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) run by Thai universities or educational institutions that you can check out in your comfort at home while the coronavirus is running rampant nationwide.

A screenshot of the ‘Survival Thai’ course in Chula MOOC.

Chulalongkorn University’s MOOC only has free courses taught by university staff. Currently-open courses in the English language are “Survival Thai” and “Thai on Campus.” Only a Facebook account is needed to use the courses. 

Courses in Thai are more varied in topic, such as “Health in Global Warming” and a course on the Maha Chat, the Thai version of the Buddhist religious text “Vessantara Jataka.”

Screenshot: MU MOOC

Similar to Chula’s Mahidol U’s online English courses are geared towards foreigners learning about Thailand. Courses foreigners can enroll in right now are “Introduction to Thai Language and Culture” and basic Thai courses, with a wider variety of classes in Thai.

The Northern Thai Food course. Screenshot: Thai MOOC

Although the website is slightly wonky and the courses are all in Thai, the classes offered by the Office of Higher Education Commission are surprisingly varied, such as “Anti-Corruption in Thailand” and “Northern Thai Food.”


For those who need to work from home making Thailand-related graphics or content, free photos, videos, and graphics relating to Thailand and Thai culture are available under the Creative Commons license at the government’s Open Educational Resources website.

However, note that only Thai keywords work in the search function. 

The search results for “Southern Food” on the Open Educational Resources website.