Expat Artist Scraps and Scrapes in ‘Factory’ at Bangkok Biennial (Video)

BANGKOK — Poster scraps, collages, paintings, and prints line the walls in a colorful visual overload. Jeff Ross’s ‘Art Factory’ explores the abstract and recycled world of creativity.

Jeff Ross is an abstract artist and screen printer. Born in Germany, Jeff and his family moved to Colorado, then California and later Seattle in 1989, where he started his screen printing business. He printed T-shirts for bands such as Nirvana, Afghan Wings, The Fluid and more. He also worked in the Snowboard industry designing art for brands such as K2, Snowboard Connection and Ride.


He now travels creating art and collages from posters found and torn off walls during his adventures. His exhibit the Art Factory, featured his art in the first ever Bangkok Biennial. His exhibition ends today.

The Bangkok Biennial is a collection of works by local artists with no central art curation and is meant to promote open access of art. Pavilions with various themes are set up around the city and are all free.