About Khaosod English

Khaosod English is a Bangkok-based news website providing coverage of Thai politics, economics, and culture to an English-language audience. We are owned by Khaosod (ข่าวสด), one of Thailand’s bestselling newspapers.  

Khaosod English was launched on 9 April 2013, the 23rd anniversary of the founding of Khaosod newspaper. 

Telephone: 02-589-2222 ext. 1417

Mailing address:
40/10 South Tethsabannimitr Road
Prachanivate 1
Chutachak Area
Bangkok, Thailand

Email: [email protected]

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NOTE: All emails to the editors will be kept confidential unless the senders indicate their wish to have the messages published. We also reserve the right to amend, remove, or take legal action against emails or social network messages that contain unlawful content.