Tesco Lotus Express Drops Plastic Bags for Small Purchases

BANGKOK — Starting Thursday, Tesco Lotus Express and Tesco Lotus Talad will stop automatically giving plastic bags to customers who purchase two items or less.

The convenience store chain under the retail conglomerate Tesco Lotus is the latest retailer to attempt to reduce plastic bag use. From Aug. 15, customers purchasing two items or less will not be given plastic bags across all 1,800 Express and Talad stores.

Tesco Lotus members who participate in the scheme will receive extra points towards their Clubcards, according to the store’s campaign manager Patikorn Lukkanavej. On Aug. 15-16, a free apple will be given to the first 60 Clubcard members who refuse plastic bags.

The green scheme does not affect Tesco Lotus hypermarkets, where plastic bags will continue to be provided. Tesco representatives have said they hope to encourage customers at the hypermarkets to bring their own bags through a bonus membership point campaign and bag-free days.


Patikorn said eight of its Express stores have already imposed a total ban on plastic bags, including I’m Park, Chamchuri Square, and Koh Chang branches where customers are given Western-style paper bags instead.

However, in a reporter’s recent visit to an Express store, it seemed that the scheme was not being strictly enforced. Plastic bags were still given to customers who purchased a single item.

The bag ban comes hot on the heels of initiates from rival retail chains like The Mall group, HomePro, and Central group, who either charge one baht a bag or impose a complete ban on plastic bags on certain days.

A notice posted inside the store informing customers of the scheme on Aug. 15.
A notice posted inside the store informing customers of the scheme on Aug. 15.

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