From Pilot to (Little) Prince, Saint-Exupery’s Flights of Fancy in Photos

BANGKOK — What is essential will be visible to the eye later this month at an exhibition of photographs featuring the author of “The Little Prince.”

To celebrate the 116th birthday of author Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Alliance Française Bangkok is launching Passions & Inspirations, a photo exhibition featuring scenes from his days flying for the first French airmail company which inspired his beloved literary works.

Saint-Exupery was a French aviation pioneer, poet and writer whose notable works include “Night Flight,” “Wind, Sand and Stars.” But it’s “The Little Prince” which has has been translated into around 250 languages and dialects to become the world’s No. 3 best-steller of all time.

Saint-Exupéry traveled widely in Europe, Africa and the United States before mysteriously disappearing in 1944 off the coast of France during an aerial reconnaissance mission. The pilot-author was later commemorated at the Panthéon in Paris in 1967.


A sculpture of “The Little Prince” by Bangkok-based visual artist Arnaud Nazare-Aga will also be on display.

The opening reception of Passions & Inspirations begins at 7pm on June 28, where there will be a screening of BBC documentary “Saint-Exupery, Le Dernier Chevalier du Ciel,” in French with English subtitles.

The exhibition runs through Aug. 28. Admission is free. Alliance Française Bangkok is located on Wireless Road, just a few minutes walk from MRT Lumpini Exit No. 3.