‘Goodbye My Love,’ Hello My Beginning

BANGKOK — Saying goodbye can be tough, even more so when the loss is repeated again and again.

But talented dramatist Nikorn Sae Tang will share seven experiences intended to show it doesn’t have to be sad in his upcoming play “Goodbye My Love.”

“At the end of one thing, there’s always another beginning,” Nikorn said, insisting his latest performance won’t be a tragedy.

From a loved one’s funeral to encountering an ex, each story holds a theme of farewell in life, relationships and memories. This may sound like a downer, but not every departure ends up bitter.


“Saying goodbye implies a freedom, of being unbound. We just need to overcome the sadness and celebrate the liberation of a new beginning,” said the 46-year-old founder of 8×8 Theatre. “The play isn’t at all complicated. It focuses on feelings and impression to make the audience see different shades of goodbye.”

“Goodbye My Love” began as a 30-minute performance at the Bangkok Theatre Festival in 2014, as the director wanted to contrast his 2006 work “Falling in Love.”The four actors take turns in portraying various roles throughout an hour long play.

Ticket are 500 baht (350 baht for students). A discount is available if bought with tickets for Like A Rat, I Want To Be Beautiful, a black comedy performed in Thai with Thai, English and Japanese surtitles June 16 – 26 at the same venue.


Goodbye My Love will be performed in Thai with English surtitles. It runs July 22 – 24 and again from July 29 – 31, at 7:30pm with weekend matinees at 2pm, at Blue Box Studio located in M Theatre on New Petchburi Road. The nearest train access is MRT Phetchaburi and BTS Thong Lo, then take a taxi.