BANGKOK — Often worshipped as a grand master of the arts, Ganesha himself is the subject of a ceramic exhibition opening next week.

Seventeen artist from different backgrounds and stages of their careers joined hands in creating 20 ceramic artworks relating to the Hindu deity of the arts revered as an obstacle remover at the upcoming exhibition “Tribute.”

Although not every artist in the project is keen on the materials, they exchange different perspectives and personal experiences through their views of Ganesha and society.

“Dreams Comfort Reality” is the latest craft from Nino Sarabutra, a proficient porcelain artist, who created 100 illuminated origami-style porcelain elephants to reflect her curiosity on the devotees’ wishes to above beings.


“We only see the tribute when people pay homage to deity, but never do we know their wishes” said Nino on her work inspiration.

She researched people’s wishes and put each desire inside each of her work. The wish can only be seen when the elephant is illuminated. “If a prayer wishes for something and doesn’t do anything to achieve it, their wish is just a wishful thinking that never become true,” the artist said.

Apart from Nino’s works, various interpretations also presented at the exhibition from renowned artists such as Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch, Michael Shaowanasai and Pornpan Sudasna who will present her tribute saucer gilded with traditional lacquer.

The opening reception starts at 5pm on Aug. 3 and the exhibition runs through Oct. 2 on the second floor of Sombat Permpoon Gallery, Soi Sukhumvit 1. It’s a five-minute walk from BTS Phloen Chit.