J-Fest 2017: Japanageddon to Strike CentralWorld

BANGKOK — Bring all your pineapple pens to CentralWorld next month for three days of internet idols, manga artists, cosplayers, Samurai photo studio, wrestling matches and more from the Land of the Rising Fun.

Comedian Pikotaro from last year’s last-minute viral hit single “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” and the all-singing, all-bouncing girl idols of AKB48 are the top-billed appearances at the annual Japan Expo for Bangkok J-fans to unleash their over-9,000 level otaku-ness.

Other highlights include three-stringed shamisen artist Hanazono Naomichi, the Ryoma Quartet and the Uguisudani Phil Harmony, which will fuse the traditional and contemporary sounds of Japan on one stage.


Find every other Japanese-defined thing including pop dance troupes, cosplayers, calligraphy and floral arrangements.

Craving some Tokyo Banana or want to try the eel-flavored confections of Unagi Pie? More than 30 stalls will be selling popular Japanese food and desserts.


The former nasty queen of Japanese professional wrestling, Dump Matsumoto, will be among fighters from Michinoku Pro-Wrestling to demonstrate their ferocity in the ring.

Admission is free. The event runs Feb. 10 to Feb. 12 at CentralWorld.