BANGKOK — A Swiss-American artist inspired by her faith will create a transient art installation from salt live Bangkok next month.

“You are the salt of the earth,” Jesus told his disciples not to lose their flavor in life.

For eight hours, Gerda Liebmann will encourage others to keep life’s flavor salty by pouring it in an extended Christian metaphor about people being the “salt of the Earth.”

“Salt has many traditional uses and customs. It is pure, white, used for flavoring, preservation, sacrifice and purification,” Liebmann wrote by email. “I want my installations to be approachable – and at the same time I hope to get a visceral response from the viewer.”


After the long line of salt is complete, visitors are invited to walk over and erase the art as a symbolic act of purification and renewal.


“I am drawn to the ephemeral beauty of the transient,” she wrote. “Hopefully the act will inspire a moment of catharsis in the participants.”

The artist will start her work at 10am and will finish at 6:30pm on March 1 at Artery Gallery on the second floor of River City Bangkok, a riverside shopping mall on Soi Charoen Krung 24. It can be reached by taxi or mototaxi from MRT Hua Lamphong.

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An image of Gerda Liebmann’s “A Line of Salt” posted on Dec. 18, 2011. Photo: Gerda Liebmann‎ / Facebook.