BANGKOK — From South Korea to Bangkok come six performances for audiences to appreciate the taste of Korea through art.

Cooking, music, martial arts, traditional dance and drama will be featured in six live shows at the Korea Performance Festival, the highlight of which will be South Korea’s most popular live show, “Cookin’ Nanta,” which has brought wackiness to the kitchen since 1997.

Its success spawned two other cooking shows to be featured at the fest: “Bibap Chef” – in which chefs cook bibimbap to beatbox and acapella tunes – and “Pangshow,” in which audiences hop on stage to join in the breadmaking.

“Sachoom” is aimed at the hearts of K-pop fans, as it entwines dance and music in a romantic story. For more love stories, watch dance drama “Lotus,” a traditional performance that tells South Korean folktales.


For action fans, expect taekwondo and other Asian martial arts to combine in “Jump,” a live action-comedy that has made it to West End and Broadway.

Apart from the shows, Korean street food and a Hanbok dress photoshoot will also be available for visitors to get a full taste of South Korea. There will be a lucky draw for two round-trip tickets to Seoul after each day’s performances.

There will be two rounds of daily performances. The first round will start at 3pm with “Cookin’ Nanta,” “Bibap Chef” and “Jump Show.” The second round will begin at 5pm and feature “Lotus,” “Pangshow” and “Sachoom.”

Admission is free and tickets can be reserved online.

The festival runs June 2 to 3 at GMM Live House on the eighth floor of CentralWorld.