6 Reasons Why Everyone Believes ‘Tom Room 39’ is Durian Mask

Scant time remains until the big reveal on “The Mask Singer,” but it may prove anti-climactic as it seems the whole nation is convinced Issara “Tom” Kitnitchee, the lead vocalist of Room 39 is the man behind the Durian Mask. Here’s why.

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  1. He discusses his love of durian on social media.

2. His physique. Judges (they don’t know either) and the internet agree Durain Mask and Tom are the same height and build. Careful photo comparisons reveal his hand and that of Durian Mask are similar and hold microphones the same way. They even both wear the same black earring.


3. Clues Durian Mask has given on the show are a match: Durian’s said he’s no longer single; Tom’s already married. Durian is in his 20s; Tom is 28. Durian’s owned up to acting in lakorn; Tom appeared in a soap when he was a child.


4. Tom was to sing at an Ekkamai club last week on March 23 during last week’s live episode, but didn’t show up until after midnight. Suspicious minds theorized he was not unmasked – to the frenzied grief of fans – because he had rushed out for the show and the show substituted some random dude under the mask for the rest of the night.

5. Tom has bragged that he sings “better than Durian Mask,” and people doubt he would dare dismiss another performer’s talent like that.

6. Perhaps most convincingly, Durian Mask has the same unique voice and R&B style, especially audible when singing international songs in English. Many internet detectives have compared concert video footage and cover songs he’s posted to highlight the similarities.




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