Taxi Driver Loses His License for 3 Months for Road Rage Attack (Video)

BANGKOK — A taxi driver who kicked and jumped on foreigner’s car before appearing to attempt to run him over in a viral video has had his license revoked for three months.

Komsan Saejao was identified as the taxi driver who jumped on the bonnet of a car driven by a foreign man Thursday morning in Soi On Nut 30.

In the video, filmed by a bystander, the rage appears to stem from Komsam attempting to turn right and feeling that he was blocked by a foreign driver in the opposite lane. This prompted  Komsan to get out of his taxi, with a young child in his arms and kick the other car.

The angry cab driver then returns to his taxi and puts the young child inside. He then runs at the other car and jumps on the hood.

As seen in widely shared clip, after an exchange of words, Komsan later drives his taxi directly at the foreigner who stepped out from his car during the dispute.

The taxi driver then fled the scene in his vehicle.

After identifying Komsan from a photo of the taxi license plate, authorities from the Department of Land Transport called Komsan in to their office Friday. They revoked his license for three months, effective immediately.

Komsan’s employers were also fined 1,000 baht for not providing the drivers information to authorities.


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