Celebrities Mourn Death of King Bhumibol

Photo: miorrr08 / Twitter

BANGKOK — Thai and international celebrities posted their condolences on social media Thursday after news broke on the passing of King Bhumibol.

Araya Alberta “Chompoo” Hargate posted several solid-black Instagram photos.

Singer Amita “Tata” Young Seenapongpipit also posted various black and white photos on Instagram to recall the memories of the late king with the hashtags “King in my heart” “His majesty the king of Thailand” “We will love his majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej forever.”

Actor Sunny Suwanmethanont posted a photo on Instagram quoting King Bhumibol, “The place where I belong on this planet is being among my people which are Thai people.” 

The 28-year-old actress Usamanee “Kwan” Waitayanon posted photos of King Rama IX on Instagram sailing and producing a sailboat in Switzerland, writing that he was the only Asian King to have won a gold medal at an international sailing competition. She ended by writing “May I be the servant underneath your feet in all future lives.”

Panisara “Opal” Arayaskul, actress and TV presenter, tweeted several photos and texts insisting and that she feels blessed to be born under King Rama IX’s reign.

Actress Pimchanok “Baifern” Luevisadpaibul tweeted “Our father had been dedicated for us for long. Don’t worry, we’ll help protect your beloved land from now on #MayIBetheServantUnderneathYourFeetInAllFutureLives.

Renowned TV presenter Woody Milintachinda tweeted a photo of himself bowing to the image of King Rama 9 with a hashtag #MayIBetheServantUnderneathYourFeetInAllFutureLives.

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, Thai acclaimed director, posted on Facebook a photo of HM Queen Sirikit that King Bhumibol took, stating “In memory of”.

Boyzone’s former member Ronan Keating also expressed his condolences on Twitter: “A Sad Day. The king of Thailand has passed Rest in Peace.”

In contrast to the pink-and-yellow profile pictures, many netizens have changed their profile pictures to a solid black square with words of condolence, along with the hashtag #MayIBetheServantUnderneathYourFeetInAllFutureLives, quickly making it Thailand’s top trending hashtag on Twitter.