‘Fantastic Beasts’ Inspires Thai Wizarding Fervor in Magical Memes

Various images from the trending hashtag #IfThailandHadAWizardingSchool, which reimagines elements of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World in Thailand. Photo: @Bearxdaniel, @Kaojungrai, @Septem1409 / Twitter

BANGKOK — A Thai-style spirit tree is a Whomping Willow. Naga represent House Slytherin. Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha with a yellow python is Voldemort and his horcrux Nagini.

As ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ apparates onto theater screens nationwide, Potterheads have responded by imagining what a wizarding school would be like in Thailand.

As of Thursday afternoon, the top trending hashtag on Twitter in Thailand was #IfThailandHadAWizardingSchool, with a barrage of ridiculous yet awesome comparisons.

Thailand, rich in superstition as it is, does not have its own wizarding school in J.K. Rowling’s canon – at least not yet – but these netizens have found the magical in everyday Thai life.


‘Various Thai Death Eaters,’ tweeted @iPreee

‘Gringotts Bank Guardian,’ posted @Archive_02 with a photo of a treasure vault guardian from Thai soap Phitsawat which aired in September.


‘Introducing the Divination Professor’


‘It’s You-Know-Who and his snake Nagini!’


The four house animals of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are represented by Thai mythical counterparts in the Himmapan forest around Mount Meru in Hindu cosmology. (Buntu Rajasri – Gryffindor, Eagle – Ravenclaw, Khi Mee – Hufflepuff, Naga – Slytherin)


‘The Quidditch team competes in the arts and crafts division!’


Vats of Thai herbal liquor is captioned ‘Polyjuice,’ a potion used to change appearance.


‘The Thai Post sends Howlers. When it reaches the hand of the receiver, it immediately dissolves,’ @Oat_kimhunt wrote, conflating the postal service’s infamous rough handling with the magical messages which explode if left unopened.


‘Colored sorting hats!’


‘So is the Knight Bus in our country Bus No. 8? Damn, that hurts!’ wrote @Bestnatthanun, linking it to a previous meme.



‘The Harry books would be renamed to: HP and the Cursed Termite’s Hole, HP and the School Discipline Office, HP and the Prisoner of Bang Khwang, HP and the Kuman Thong Magical Charm.’


‘The Whomping Willow would be like this!’


@Mygod_s said that while the magical UK world has ‘dementors’ and the United States has ‘obscurials,’ Thailand’s dark magical beings are jao gum nai wen, or ‘enemies from a previous life,’ referring to the belief those wronged in a previous life return seeking vengeance.



‘Presenting! The Coconut Leaf 2000 and the Dandelion 2001! Great for Quidditch’


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