BANGKOK — A day after American pop singer Britney Spears touched down in Bangkok, a cover of her hit “Toxic” by four fetching Thai flight attendants was posted online to celebrate her arrival.

To welcome the millennial Pop Princess, Thai superfans have shown their devotion in different ways. Some attended a cosplay and lipsync audition for a chance to meet their idol, while others covered her song by wearing their airline uniforms.

Four Nok Air flight attendants went even further, filming their “Toxic” cover aboard a company jet. In the video posted Wednesday evening, the four perform a routine similar to that of the original, in which Spears dances in what is now an iconic blue uniform.

The clip has been viewed more than 55,000 times as of Thursday afternoon and drawn a lot of attention online where some criticized the airline service.

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They weren’t the only flight crew to get in on the act, as more than 10 crew from Israel’s El Al Airlines released their own cover clip of the same song Tuesday.

Earlier, in March, an AirAsia flight attendant went solo to show his tempting dancing and lipsyncing skills.

Spears arrived Wednesday evening at Don Mueang International Airport and performs Friday and Saturday at Impact Arena.

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