Viral Video Shows School Kids Dragging Director’s Car Uphill

Students from Ban Huai Wok School on Wednesday drag their school director’s truck up a muddy hillside in Mae Mong Son province.

MAE HONG SON — A clip of students dragging a teacher’s truck up a muddy mountainside in the north went viral online Thursday.

Clips of students pushing and pulling a school director’s truck in Sop Moei district, Mae Hong Son has been viewed more than half a million times since it was posted Wednesday night by Facebook user and school director Matchama Boontawee.

The four-minute and two-minute clips shared by Matchama show dozens of Ban Huai Wok School students dragging the director’s truck out of the learning center. Some students jump on the truck bed, others tug the vehicle with ropes while others push it uphill.

Matchama captioned the videos with “Finally we got out,” and “Go, go! The power of Huai Wok little ants!”


Some comments by netizens praised the children’s teamwork to free the truck from the rainy season’s muddy roads.

“These kids seem to have more values that those rich ones that take videos of themselves dancing sexually,” Pitsanu Khamkate wrote. “Can you run news about these kids instead of those annoying net idols?”

However, others such as Facebook user Insee Peekhuk, raised safety concerns.

“There are little girls there pushing the truck uphill from behind too. That’s so dangerous; they should have stood on the side of the truck instead. If the wheel had hit a rock one of the girls could’ve been sent flying,” Insee wrote.

As of Thursday the clip had been reshared more than 2,000 times from Matchama’s page, and a further 2,000 times from a Facebook page that reposted the clip.


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