Angry Surin Granny Goes Beast Mode on Snake (Video)

SURIN — Were snakes capable of feeling regret, one in the northeastern province of Surin may have experienced a twinge before its brains exploded.

A viral video of a grandma whacking a snake like a cartoon weightlifter has stunned Thailand into awesome fear and racked up more than 3 million views as of Tuesday.

The video, first posted Nov. 7 by Godzillanoi Kephet, shows the elderly woman seize the snake by the tail and perform a ferocious overhead swing to end its existence.

“Again, granny, it’s not dead yet!” the videographer can be heard shouting as the granny whacks the snake with such force she decapitates it.

“It’s dead now, granny,” he says as she reveals the reason for the alleged revenge-killing:

“It ate my toads!”

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