Top: People visit a home in Bangkok’s Prawet district on Friday where an altercation between its residents and an illegally parked shopper ignited debate on social media over land-use issues.

BANGKOK — If the Saengyotrakarns thought they would finally be left in peace after they assaulted a car parked illegally in front of their home last week, they were sorely wrong.

By Saturday, nearly a week after the women went Mad Max on the truck with axe and metal pipe in a now viral video, the mansion entrance became a tourist attraction for people to take selfies and pose with their parked cars, as though daring the “car-whacking aunties” – as they are hailed on social media – to emerge in their furious glory.

There’s even a shuttle bus bringing people from a nearby shopping mall. The bus slows down as it passed the residence so passengers can take photos from the safety of the vehicle.


Police and city workers were also deployed at the scene to make sure no further confrontation breaks out between the Saengyotrakarns and shoppers from the five illegal markets near the mansion.

The markets remained open today, despite Gov. Aswin Kwanmuang’s deadline for them to shut down by next week.

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Will this man regret not harking the time honored adage of ‘Never bring a BB gun to an axe fight?’