No Mama Drama: Hangry Man Rages at Empty Noodles, Stomach

BANGKOK — It’s sad when three cups of Mama spell dinner, but sadder when all three lack noodles.

A viral clip of a man tearing open Tom Yum-flavored Mama Noodle cups to find them empty of noodles went going viral on the internet.

Update: No Mama Drama: Noodle-Maker Blows Lid Off Cups Conspiracy

“I already boiled water in preparation,” said the anonymous man in the clip before carefully demonstrating to the camera the cup was still sealed. “Hia! What am I gonna eat tonight? No dinner for me.”



The video, posted to The Best Clips ‘Awesome’ this morning had gained more than 30,000 views by the afternoon.

“Diet Mama,” reads the caption.