No Mama Drama: Noodle-Maker Blows Lid Off Cups Conspiracy

BANGKOK — It may not be the location of flight MH370 or who killed JFK, but one news mystery now has an explanation.

Days after a hungry man raged over three empty cups of Mama instant noodles – only their seasoning packets remained – and baffled the internet with videographic evidence, a meticulous investigation by the people behind the vast conspiracy found an explanation: Ants ate them all.

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“We found holes in the cups with traces of brown dust at the bottom both inside and outside,” read the letter from Mama-maker Thai President Foods sent to Facebook user Papada Chayanon, the man in the clip.

Papada had sent the shockingly noodle-less cups in for evaluation.

“When inspected the dust with a microscope … we found it to be dead ants and other insects,” the statement continued.

The company also apologized to the sustenance-deprived man and promised to step up its product inspections. No mention was made of compensation.

Photo: Papada Chayanon / Facebook
Photo: Papada Chayanon / Facebook