#DelayMyAss: Thainet Just Can’t With Another Election Delay

Image: @Opalynaa / Twitter
Image: @Opalynaa / Twitter

BANGKOK — Another possibility of elections being delayed might come across as too predictable, but this time it seemed to be the last straw for the Thai internet.

Frustrated comments and condemnation of the junta’s broken promises – one after another – blew up aggressively across Twitter. It shot #DelayMyAss (#LeunMaeMuengSi) to the top of Thailand’s trending hashtags almost immediately after the government signaled Thursday yet another possible postponement of elections slated for next month.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-Ngam said after meeting with the Election Commission that King Vajiralongkorn’s official coronation set for May could force Election Day to be delayed from Feb. 24 to allow for royal events preceding the ceremony.

Netizens refused to keep calm when news broke and went on a full rage, aiming specifically at junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha – who has repeatedly promised to hold elections since he took power after the 2014 coup, only to delay them every time.


“Chan-O-Cha you edok where is my election,” user @bitchychihuahua wrote, using the Thai word for “bitch.” It had been retweeted more than 18,000 times Friday morning.

“When will I get my first election? Is it gonna be when I’m 80?” user @Canibuyyourlove wrote.

The hashtag yesterday topped that of approaching tropical storm Pabuk – which triggered a major national alarm – and remained No.1 as of Friday morning. At one point yesterday, it even made the top 10 Twitter world trends.

Particularly upset were grade 12 students. The central university admission tests this year were forced to be moved a week earlier as the original dates set for Feb. 23 to Feb. 26 coincided with those of Feb. 24 elections.

“You said you’d have the elections at the same time as the admissions, then you had the admissions moved, then you had the elections moved. What the fudge is wrong with you? My life plan is now going to waste?” wrote user @6Xqb0JMDbZqcFoZ.

Memes also flew as usual.

“Do you think you’ll really get elections, Mr. Potter?” user @opalynaa wrote with a photoshopped face of Prayuth on the body of the ruthless Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter.

“People: We want elections! Prayuth: Avada Kedavra,” user @BoomZ1 replied, referencing a spell in the fantasy book series used to kill people.

“Go to hell you asshole,” user @mrcrthl tweeted with an image from American-Japanese animation “Heidi, Girl of the Alps.” It shows Heidi standing behind a wheelchair asking “When are the elections?” and Clara, sitting on the chair, answering “I’ve never said it,” before being pushed down a cliff.

“In this moment, even a cookie can’t tell fortune any longer,” user @gaymaipid wrote with a picture of popular girl group BNK48, once recruited by the junta. It referenced the group’s popular hit “Fortune Cookie.”

“Shaking to find Election Day,” the caption read.

Some however urged public caution, saying that no one has yet to officially announce the postponement of elections.

“I’ve seen news about the election delay all over my feed. I really want to know who in the government or the Election Commission has said that? I still haven’t seen it,” user @PuriKhamsathorn wrote. “I only saw these big headlines saying ‘delayed,’ but when I actually read the news, they only said ‘maybe.’”

Deputy PM Wissanu on Friday said if the elections are eventually postponed, they’ll be held no later than March.

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