Princess Drops Minor ‘Endgame’ Spoiler on IG

BANGKOK — Marvel fans who have yet to see the epic finale that is Avengers: Endgame should steer clear of Princess Ubolratana’s IG for the moment.

Writing on her Instagram account, which is followed by 97,000 people, the eldest daughter of the late King Bhumibol offered her opinions on the film along with pictures of her collection of Avenger toy figures.

The 68-year-old noblewoman then dropped a slight spoiler – revealing the downcast state of Thor the thunder god in the wake of Thanos’ massacre of the universe.

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“I went to watch it at IconSiam (my first time there). The movie is fun alright but I’m bummed out by some disappointments,” Ubolratana Mahidol wrote. “Firstly, the handsome Thor has grown fat and ragged because he was so upset (in the film).”


The princess went on to express her disappointment at the film’s final battle scene, which she said looked like something straight out of a Korean period drama (she was probably unimpressed with Captain America wielding Mjolnir).

But she stopped short of disclosing her third and final thought, probably to reserve some air of mystery for the film, which opened nationwide yesterday.

“Overall, the movie is fun,” Ubolratana announced her verdict.