Photo: Nichax / Instagram
Photo: Nichax / Instagram

BANGKOK — King Rama X’s eldest sister dressed up as one of Gotham City’s most iconic villains in an Instagram post Friday.

Princess Ubolratana posted photos of herself as a clown with a rainbow afro in front of a poster of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker (2019), while offering spoilers and social commentary in the caption.

“What did they want to convey, by making such a terrifying, pitiful Joker? Actually, I’ve seen the real lives of disadvantaged people, even in America. There are lots of people with mental issues like Joker,” she wrote.

The princess then offered a quick analysis of American society and its mental healthcare system.

“It’s a society full of broken families, creating crazy people to fill up the state mental hospitals since they have no money to go to private hospitals, and their healthcare system is still being argued over,” she wrote. “That’s why the hospitals release people, even though they aren’t ready, creating homeless people who live sad lies among sois and alleys.”

At the end of the caption, the princess then decided to spoil the entire plot without any warning. We are withholding translation in case you haven’t watched the movie.

“#UnfunnyClown #HardLifeBecauseOfLackingOpportunities #FilmIsRealLife #BusyButStillPretty,” she signs off.

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An active social media personality, Princess Ubolratana, 68, has a history of going viral for endearingly eccentric posts such as the time she dropped some Avengers: Endgame spoilers on her Instagram, sang pop songs onstage and cheered for Germany during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

As recently as Monday, she posted photos of herself cosplaying as Maleficent.

In February, she was nominated as a Prime Minister candidate by Thai Raksa Chart Party, but King Rama X said in a statement that she cannot run for office.

Photo: Nichax / Instagram
Photo: Nichax / Instagram

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