Princess Ubolratana Says British Airways Refuses Her Boarding

Photo: Nichax / Instagram
Photo: Nichax / Instagram

LONDON — King Rama X’s eldest sister took to her Instagram to say British Airways denied her from boarding a flight Thursday morning.

Along with photos of herself enjoying the breeze in a London park on Thursday, Princess Ubolratana said she was stranded in the city because the United Kingdom’s flag carrier airline wouldn’t let her fly to Los Angeles.

“Scream! I’m so glad that I’m still here…so glad that I don’t have to work,” read the caption of her private but widely followed Instagram post. “Thank you British Airways for denying me from the flight. They said that I was too late even though I was there hours before departure time.”

A screenshot from Princess Ubolratana’s Instagram post on Nov. 7, 2019. Image: Nichax / Instagram
A screenshot from Princess Ubolratana’s Instagram post on Nov. 7, 2019. Image: Nichax / Instagram

The princess then expressed concerns she would miss her appointment in Los Angeles, but that she is remaining calm. She then signed off with her signature hashtags.


“I have to change the flight to tomorrow on the same airline,” the caption said. “I decided to come to a park to relieve my stress, but it’s very cold. #CoolWeatherJaiYen #What’sGoingOn? #SeeYouTmrLA #WhyDidn’tYouTellMeToHurry #BusyButStillPretty.”

Most of her followers expressed sympathy for the princess.

“How could they do that to you? I don’t want to get mad because I don’t want to get wrinkles, but reading this pissed me off,” a netizen commented.

A netizen also asked her why she was late, but Princess Ubolratana insisted that she wasn’t.

“I wasn’t late, but they must cut me off because of other reasons,” the princess replied.

According to the palace’s news bulletins, Princess Ubolratana is in London to attend a tourism exhibition, where she visited Thai booths.

British Airways has yet to respond to the allegations. Its website advises passengers to be at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before the departure time.


Ever an active social media personality, Princess Ubolratana posted photos of her trip to London during this past week, which included a visit to the London Eye observation wheel, and a video of her singing onstage of a song from the popular Thai series “My Ambulance.”

The 68-year-old has a history of going viral for endearingly eccentric posts such as the time she posted with a fake blooded head of President Donald Trump for Halloween, dressed up as Joker for a movie night, and cosplayed as Maleficent.

In February, she was nominated as a Prime Minister candidate by Thai Raksa Chart Party, but King Rama X said in a statement that she cannot run for office.