Princess Ubolratana at the Yaowaraj Road walking street on Dec. 14, 2019.
Princess Ubolratana at the Yaowaraj Road walking street on Dec. 14, 2019.

The King’s elder sister, Princess Ubolratana, made a huge splash in 2019, grabbing headlines with her short-lived bid for top government as well as various viral social media posts.

Right on the heels of her Christmas surprise – where she posted a video of her singing carols in an elf costume Tuesday – here’s five times in 2019 the princess, actress, singer, and viral sensation surprised and delighted us. #LongLiveSlender! 

1The Princess and the Election

The moment Thai Raksa Chart Party leader Preechapol Pongpanich presented the nomination of Ubolratana Mahidol as prime minister to the Election Commission on Feb. 8, 2019 in Bangkok.

In February, Princess Ubolratana shocked the nation by revealing she was running for office – by a party aligned with fugitive former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, no less. For the first time in the kingdom’s 86 years as a constitutional monarchy, a close member of the royal sought political office.

Despite having relinquished her titles, however, the King said she still could not run. The princess was disqualified, and Thai Raksa Chart disbanded shortly after.

“I wish all Thais have rights and opportunities, are well off and happy,” Ubolratana wrote on her Instagram after her 14 hours of candidacy ended abruptly. “I thank you with my sincere love – all people. I wish you all happiness and luck. #ILoveYou.”


Ubolratana Mahidol receives a gift from a student Feb. 12, 2019 while visiting Nakhon Sawan province to promote her anti-drug abuse foundation. Photo: Nakhon Sawan Public Relations Department

Soon after her disqualification from running for office, the princess expressed her disappointment that her political dreams were cut short.

“I’m sorry that my honest intentions to work for the country and the Thai people have caused problems that shouldn’t have occurred in this era,” she wrote on her Instagram, with the hashtag #HowComeIt’sTheWayItIs.

In replies to comments on her Instagram, she also said that she found her party’s dissolution “very sad and depressing.”  Discussions and speculations soon ensued…

3Dropping Movie Spoilers

Photo: Nichax / Instagram

A few highly-anticipated movies opened in 2019, including the big show-down film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of the most talked-about, “dangerous” films of the year.

Princess spoiled the entire plot of “Joker,” as well as several major spoilers of “Avengers: Endgame” with no warning.

4The Princess and Her Gowns

Princess Ubolratana wears a Maleficent costume in an Instagram post on Oct. 21, 2019. Photo: Nichax / Instagram

Her cinephile tendencies don’t just extend to watching the popular films – she dressed up as a clown in her Joker post in October, a few days after she donned an entire Maleficent getup while “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” was in theaters.

“How do I look? Do I hold a candle to Angelina Jolie? #BusyButStillPretty,” the caption said.

5Happy Halloween in Sampeng!

Photo: Nichax / Instagram

While shopping for Halloween gear, the princess posted a photo of her holding up a fake bloodied head of President Donald Trump.  

The item looked like it could be either a trick or treat bucket or rubber head. The post came on the day of the ASEAN summit in Bangkok, which Trump did not attend. Instead he sent a national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, in what could be viewed as a snub in the region. 

Bonus: Although they didn’t make the list, the princess also received a new royal honor and title, posted condolences about the Notre Dame fire, and said she was denied from boarding a British Airways flight