Thailand’s Lady Gaga Impersonator Donates to Hospital with ‘Stupid Love’ Cover

Photo: HausOfShade / YouTube

BANGKOK — Thailand’s top Lady Gaga impersonator released a dance cover for “Stupid Love” to fundraise for one of the Thai hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

In an interview with Khaosod English Friday, Waratchaya Ohm Pukrod, said she hoped her cover and 5,000 baht donation out of her own pocket would be able help people crack a smile while at home during the pandemic. 

“‘Stupid Love’ came out around the same time as the COVID-19 pandemic, so I was going to do a cover anyway, but then i wanted to find a way to help out,” Ohm said. 

Ohm posted the video March 7 and asked people to share the video and for every share she would donate 5 baht to the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute. After getting 700 shares, total to a donation of 3,500, she upped the donation to 5,000 and transferred the money March 14. 


Although she said the response has been overwhelming for her, she said she could not afford to do another round of donations since she currently has no work.

“I’ve had absolutely zero work. Normally I’m an entertainer who does or emcees for events. I’ve had no work for months,” she said. 

In the video, Ohm is dressed up like Lady Gaga in her music video “Stupid Love” and dances at the Giant Swing, Democracy Monument, and Samyan Mitrtown mall. The Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute is one of the main facilities treating COVID-19 patients.


“Not only do I want to promote Bangkok, I want to promote the Bamrasnaradura hospital as well. Most people can only think of Siriraj when donating,” Ohm said. 

Ohm, 33, made headlines in 2012 when she gave Lady Gaga a chada, or traditional Thai headdress, onstage during her Bangkok concert. 

“If medical staff see the video cracks a smile, I would feel so good. If Lady Gaga sees it, I would be so happy and I would wish everyone in America strength to fight COVID-19. The situation there is even worse than here,” Ohm said. “The Thai Little Monsters are awaiting her return.”