Thais Mock 158,000 Baht Gucci ‘Granny Wear’ Dress

Left: Gucci. Right: Vujtigrai Rock / Facebook

BANGKOK — Need to make a trip to the temple to make merit, or a walk down the Gucci runway? One outfit’s got you covered for both – for 158,000 baht. 

A high fashion Gucci dress drew mockery from Thai netizens on Monday for its resemblance to oldie Thai silk outfits worn by moms, aunties, and grannies for formal functions. 

“Looks like it’s from the Oon Ai Ruk collection,” tweeted @Evill1789, referring to the retro Winter Fair in Bangkok popular with moms and aunties who dressed up in traditional Thai clothes.

According to Gucci’s description, however, it’s a ready-to-wear silk taffeta dress with a detachable cape, retail price $4,980 (158,053 baht).

Photo: Nitaya Leusontear / Facebook

Photos of the dress were posted on popular Facebook pages Nunoiduak and I Love Beauty Queens, where they were liked and shared in the tens of thousands.

“Gucci was definitely inspired by my mom’s dress,” Facebook user Nitaya Leusontear wrote.

But some Thais also said Gucci’s design was proof that Thai traditional clothes are underappreciated and can be fashionable in their own right.

“It’s a shame we can’t create enough value for Thai silks. Our country has a lot of good stuff and I wish our government would support high-quality production and export of it,” Facebook user Chewongsak Wangchuangsamran wrote in a comment.

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