Parody of Thairath TV’s Uncanny Animation Goes Viral

Screenshot: Arnon Chundhitisakul / Facebook

BANGKOK — Someone put an anime opening theme to animated reenactment of news stories by Thairath TV and the internet loved it. 

Facebook user Arnon Chundhitisakul on Friday posted the parody splicing together reenactment videos from Thairath – known for their uncanny CGI and bizarre sequences – and set them to an opening soundtrack from the Naruto Shippuden anime. 


Arnon’s video has since been viewed nearly a million times and shared at least 40,000 times. 

Thairath TV news shows often feature extensive coverage of stories with supernatural elements, such as ghosts, talking animals, and mystics. The stories are accompanied by animation reenacting the eyewitness’ account.


อิเสะโนเสะ feat. ThairathTV

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