Buffalos Break Free from Slaughterhouse, Rescued by Nun

Buffaloes on On Nut Road on July 22, 2020. Photos: JS100 / Facebook

SAMUT PRAKAN — A nun who owns a farm for rescued farm animals said Wednesday she will pay for six buffalos that broke loose from a slaughterhouse into city streets Wednesday morning.

Phakjira Hatthakitchamroen, who owns Punissarapab Farm in Ratchaburi, is collecting funds to buy six buffalos from the slaughterhouse in the Srinagarindra area. The beasts were seen wandering On Nut Road next to zipping cars in a series of clips and photos that went viral online earlier today. 

“We eat their kids and meat, and they help us till the earth but they have no place to live,” Phakjira said by phone Wednesday. “It’s not fair to the buffaloes. Farmers aren’t even keeping buffaloes nowadays. I’m telling you, in three years we will see no more buffaloes.” 

The six buffaloes would set back Phakrija at about 290,000 baht. The nun said she’s received 30,000 baht in donation so far, borrowed 150,000 baht from a friend, and put down 10,000 baht of her own money as deposit.



Saving animals from slaughterhouses is regarded as a merit-making by many Buddhists.

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