Sailor Venus!? Sign of Extraterrestrial Life Sparks Awe, Internet Jokes

Facebook user Pichanon Freezer posts images of an alien planet with Sailor Venus Sept. 15, 2020, under the post by the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand about the possibility of life on Venus. Image: Pichanon Freezer / Facebook

BANGKOK — Netizens living on a smallish country on Earth were in awe of the possibility of life on a neighboring planet Tuesday. 

While a majority of Thais either don’t know or don’t care about the news that a gas associated with living organisms was found on Venus, memes and jokes celebrating the discovery have lifted-off on social media.  

“Maybe my hubby can be found on #Venus. NASA and humanity, I’m cheering you on to find me my boy,” tweeted the supposedly single @Hallscools.

“They found phosphine molecules on Venus, which means the possibility of life. But I haven’t found the possibility of us on our planet yet,” the possibly heartbroken @Iamannuke wrote


“Will aliens be this hot?” @ppmg1147 tweeted with a photo of South Korean actor Kim  Soo‑Hyun in the 2013 drama “My Love from the Star,” where he plays an immortal alien.

@Realicephan tweeted pictures of Sailor Venus from the popular anime Sailor Moon: “The only living thing that can live on Venus.” 

User Anton Boyd also gave us a throwback from 1994: he posted a poster of the soap opera “Dao Pra Sook” (Venus).


The drama centers around a rich man who “buys,” rapes, and falls in love with a virgin prostitute (remember, this is fiction) named Dao Pra Sook because she was born when Venus was clearly visible in the sky.

Talk about out-of-the-world cliche!